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How the get the most out of your FourFit Mini.

How the get the most out of your FourFit Mini.

The FourFit Mini is for both active and inactive children. It’s our most popular tracker and comes in 5 vibrant colours. 

The FourFit Mini was voted the "best all rounder" by the BBC, this kids activity tracker tracks steps, activity, sleep, heart rate and more. Reminders to move means kids will be encouraged to be active during long periods of inactivity and with a goal tracking feature, parents can set rewards based on completion of activity targets. It’s splash-proof and mud-proof. The FourFit Mini has built-in USB charging capability, simply pop off the strap and plug directly into a USB plug for 45 minutes and you’re fully charged and good to go for up 5 whole days! 

Main Features

  • Heart Rate Tracking 
  • Steps
  • Sleep Tracking  (deep sleep, light sleep and awake times)
  • Calories burned
  • Call reminder
  • Message Reminder
  • Water resistant 
  • Sedentary reminder (reminder to move in periods of inactivity)
  • Up to 5- day battery life
  • Direct USB Charging

How to get the most out of your FourFit Mini

  1. Download the “Dayday band” app on a mobile phone. 
  2. Pair your device
  3. Set your vital statistics and preferences including notifications and data sharing (parents you can turn of notifications to prevent text and call notification going through to your child’s FourFit)
  4. The device will start to auto record steps, heart rate, calories, sleep etc. 
  5. Sleep: sleep tracking automatically works between 9pm and 9am
  6. Don’t forget to track your weekly report to compare data by day week and month! 

Go Get FourFit!


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