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Here at FourFit we have a large research and development office in China and head office in Yorkshire UK. 

Our consumer sales are just a small part of our overall business. We develop and customise health monitors and medical grade wearables for our corporate clients who are invested in promoting healthy lifestyles. Our recent projects include:

  • A GPS fitness watch with GPS technology inside the wearable so that the phone does not need to be present for an outdoor running company
  • A range of wearables for a private healthcare company which stores data for up to 1 month between consultant appointments
  •  A Children's safe Smart watch with geo fencing, alarms and real time GPS tracking
  • Medical grade class 1 approved sleep tracking device which measures realtime continuous heart rate, ECG and breathing rate during sleep
  • Medical grade class 1 device heart health watch with continuous Heart rate and ECG including diagnosis alerts when something is not normal to alert to see the GP


For all of your corporate wearable needs please get in touch below and a specialist will call to discuss your requirements.

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