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How to charge your FourFit Mini:


Can I connect two bands to the same mobile device?

No, only one band can be used with each mobile device.


Approximate sizing:

Mini: Minimum fit of 13.5cm

Mini 2: Minimum fit of 14cm

How do I detach the strap from the face of the watch?

Grip each side of the face of the watch with your thumb and index finger. Then firmly pull the strap from the top of the strap in a straight motion (as close to the face as possible) do not pull from the bottom as this can damage the buckle and USB charging port.

What devices is the app compatible with?

Our apps are only compatible with iOS and Android mobile phone devices.

Mini 2's with the LT operating system require the FitPro App
Mini 2's with the MAC operating system require the Lefun Health App

Are FourFit's tracker medical devices?

FourFit trackers are not medical devices. Please note wrist worn trackers can occasionally give inaccurate readings. If you have concerns regarding your health then please seek medical attention. 

Do the watches track sleep?

Yes, the watches do track sleep and the sleep cycle runs from 9pm-9am.

Is the FourFit water resistant?

Yes the FourFit Health+, Mini 2 and Mini are splash-proof only. They can tolerate small amount of water e.g. light rain, splash back from washing hands. They will not tolerate being submerged in any water. Please remove your FourFit for activities such as water sports or when taking a bath/shower.

If you accidentally expose your FourFit to too much water, please leave to dry out in a product that naturally extracts water e.g. rice in a warm area of the home for a minimum of 48 hours.

How do I set up my Fitband or Mini?

Before you begin using your FourFit Fitband or Mini, you will need to download the app stated in your instructions through Google Play or the App Store using a mobile phone. Once this is done you will be able to connect your device through Bluetooth to your mobile phone. When you connect your device it will set the date and time and allow you to sync your data back and forth between the devices. Your data will sync to your dashboard, which will allow you to view your stats, set goals and analyse your progress over time.

How do I charge my Fourfit? 

No charger is supplied with the FourFit Fitband and Mini as it comes with a built in USB charger. Just pull off the strap from the screen and the charger will be apparent. If there are no gold metal charge strips, pull the other side of the screen.

Flatter style plug chargers e.g iPhone plugs will be too close to the wall to hold the watch in the correct charging position. Try using a bulkier plug, that sits away from the wall or if you only have access to a flatter style plug, use this with an extension lead.

Do not leave your FourFit trackers on charge for hours on end or over night, they all only need a maximum of 2 hours charge. If you leave them on charge for any longer than this you can overload the battery causing damage and invalidating your warranty. 

How does FourFit detect my heart rate?

When your heart beats your capillaries expand and contract based on your blood flow. The LED lights on the underside of your band reflect on to your skin to detect blood flow volume and finely tuned algorithms are applied to measure your heart rate.

What is the best way to get in touch?

Email our Customer Care Team at support@four.fit