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How long does shipping take?

Shipping times will vary depending on your country and province. For more detailed country specific shipping info please see here: Shipping info

What features does the Fourfit Mini 2.0 Band have?

The Fourfit mini user manual can be downloaded here. 

Can I connect two bands to the same mobile device?

Only one band can be used with each mobile device.

Is heart rate medically accurate. 

Yes, our heart rate readings are medically accurate to 10% error. 

Is the FourFit water resistant?

Yes the FourFit Fitband and Mini 2.0 are splash-proof. They will not tolerate being submerged, hot water, bath shower etc but a muddy game of football or getting caught in a rain shower will not hurt your FourFit.

How do I charge my Fourfit? 

Your FourFit Fitband and mini comes with a built in USB charger. Just pull off the strap from the screen and the charger will be apparent. If there are no gold metal charge strips, pull the other side of the screen. The Signa comes with a charging lead which is magnetic and will easily find its way into the charger slot.